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Solar Panel Page
Web page for solar panel
Mon June 6 2022  8:07pmMisc.

Have been implementing the ideas in the previous article. That is to say, have built a 'girasol' support for the solar panel so that it can face the sun at various times of day and seasons of the year, for greater efficiency.

Rather than detailing this in a lengthy blog article, the girasol's development has its own web page . That web page lacks reader feedback, so reader comments can be posted to this blog article (if your browser allows javascript).

Solar Panel Efficiency
Optimizing the output of my solar panel
Sat December 18 2021  7:26pmMisc.

sine = efficiency
You remember, of course, all the trigonometry you learned in school, and its practical applications to daily life. Well, here's another example:

The solar panel is at its peak efficiency when directly facing the sun: that is, when the panel is perpendicular to the rays from the sun. This corresponds to the sine value of 1.0 for a 90° angle, as the graph illustrates. When the panel is parallel to the rays of the sun (0°), or away from the sun, the efficiency drops off to practically nothing. At angles between these two extremes, the maximum relative efficiency changes as a sine function of the angle. For example, sin(65)=.9063, so at an angle of 65° the maximum potential efficiency of the panel will be a bit more than 90%.

The practical importance is that I can expect to harvest more of the sun's light if I can keep my panel facing the sun, like a sunflower. It needn't be exactly 90°; anything close to the top curvature in the graph will be fine. The aforementioned 65° sounds like a reasonable goal. If my panel never strays more than 25° in any direction from the sun, that gives me 50 total degrees of tolerance for inexactitude, while still attaining 90% efficiency or better.

Now, this is fun math, but only as an approximation or a hypothetical ideal. Even on a sunny cloudless day, earth's atmosphere diffuses a certain percentage of the sun's light, so that light is coming from all directions, not just from the point of the sun. Were it not so, our sky would be completely black, as in outer space. So the efficiency is not 100% at 90°, and is not zero at 0°. On overcast or rainy days (LOTS of those in Nicaragua), the diffusion is even greater and the efficiency curve much flatter. Nevertheless, this seems to be an idea worth pursuing. I hope to follow with another blog article or two, in trying to implement the above to improve my solar panel system.

Bug Fix
Shameful long-term bug fixed
Sat November 27 2021  9:13pmSudoku

The shameful thing is that this bug has been in place for over a year, and I've just now found and corrected it. Since October 2020, if you navigate to the Sudoku Analyzer, and the first control button you click is 'New Puzzle' or 'Book', your browser's javascript interpreter complains that the variable 'StartTime' does not exist, or it simply hangs without loading a new puzzle into the grid.

This bug is now fixed. I lament the confusion and loss of repeat visitors this has caused.

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Inhuman Humanism
The degrading sterility of humanistic religion
Mon November 15 2021  5:35pmFaith/Philosophy

Did Pope Francis really tell Joe Biden that he (Biden) was a 'good Catholic' and should continue to receive Communion? Or is Biden lying, and Bergoglio merely enabling the lie by his failure to correct? Either way, it's just one more example of a 'Catholic' pastor putting humanistic friendliness ahead of sacred Truth.

Vatican II promised to put a friendlier, more human face upon our divine, changeless religion. Thus the priest faces the people, people exchange a kiss of peace, and the liturgical prayers are altered to emphasize the Christian community more than God's majestic sovereignty. Supposedly, no doctrinal changes were mandated, but through the decades, the humanistic tone (read article)

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rev. Nov 22 2021  7:31pm
Jerry De Pyper is NOT on Facebook
Jerry De Pyper is NOT on Facebook
Mon August 16 2021  4:44pmComputer

Just in case someone out there is trying to find Jerry De Pyper in the vast expanse of Cyberspace, and still believes the search results that say that "Jerry De Pyper is on Facebook": That was only partially true for a short while and that was over 15 years ago, when I was just as stupid naive as those of you who still think Facebook is cool.

To set the record straight then, this CyberJerry website is the principal online place where Jerry De Pyper can be found. Jerry De Pyper is NOT on Facebook, nor does he ever again wish to be found on Facebook. (read article)

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Data Rings
Data arrays without beginning nor end
Fri April 30 2021  10:33amComputer

Recently participated in another online programming challenge at, and ended up learning a new (for me) programming concept.

In a typical database operation, the data are accessed and processed as individual values, or as single- or multi-dimensional arrays. The array has a defined beginning and end, and is usually processed forward from beginning to end. Not so with data rings, which are conceptualized as circular arrays, with no definite start or end points. The data are still stored in memory and on disk in a linear manner (the computer knows nothing of circles or rings), but the program or operation accesses the data in a circular manner. (read article)

Improbable Chess Graphics
html graphics without normal image rendering
Wed March 3 2021  7:31pmComputer

The highly unlikely chess scenario pictured has a couple of interesting aspects:

At first glance, black might seem to be winning. He has all 16 of his pieces (six are still in their original position), while white has lost four of his pawns and three of his power pieces, including the queen. But a closer look shows white to be in control. In fact, he can checkmate in one move (Rf8# 1-0). That is, if it's white's turn. A third look reveals a different twist: Black is so boxed in that, if it's his turn, he has no legal move, and the match ends in a stalemate.

Fine. A pretty cool, if improbable chess situation. But this blog article is categorized under 'Computer' (read article)

To do is to be.
- Descartes
To be is to do.
- Sartre
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