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Sudoku Challenge
Unveiling the Great CyberJerry Sudoku Challenge
Thu December 14 2017  11:13amSudoku

After several years of development, testing, debugging, and improving the strategies, I am ready to proclaim that my Sudoku Analyzer is the best on the web, that it can analyze and give a step-by-step solution to even the toughest Sudoku. Please note that this does NOT entail simply giving a solution, but in providing a step-by-step analytical method to solve. And so today I am unveiling the great CyberJerry Sudoku Challenge.

To be sure, I am still discovering some rare Sudokus for which the CyberJerry Sudoku Analyzer cannot give step-by-step analytical hints. But for those Sudokus, neither can anyone else. Or so I claim.

Therein lies the challenge: to provide a step-by-step analytical solution to a Sudoku that has CyberJerry stumped. To meet the Challenge, your Sudoku must qualify thus:

  • 1. The Sudoku has exactly one solution.
  • 2. CyberJerry's 'Analyze' button reports that the Sudoku cannot be rated, and at some point the 'Hint' button fails to provide a Hint.
  • 3. You can describe a step-by-step analytical way to solve the Sudoku. You need only do so at the point(s) where the Sudoku Analyzer fails to provide a Hint. Note that this must be deductive logic, not a trial-and-error guesswork method.

If you think you can meet this challenge, navigate to CyberJerry's Sudoku Analyzer page. Enter the contents of your Sudoku in the grid there, and then click the 'Analyze' button to see that (most likely) CyberJerry can indeed rate the Sudoku in question and give hints for every step. In the (unlikely) event that CyberJerry is stumped (per point #2 above), you may proceed to the Challenge by clicking the hyperlink marked 'Sudoku Challenge'. There you will be able to describe your analytical method per point #3 above.

I promise to publish any successful challenge and publicly acknowledge the challenger's superior Sudoku skills. I reserve the right to likewise publish any failures.

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