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Sudoku Challenge Answered
The Great CyberJerry Sudoku Challenge has been answered
Wed August 1 2018  8:10pmSudoku

7-plus months ago this blog unveiled the great CyberJerry Sudoku Challenge. (See Jerry's Blog article of Dec 14 2017 for details.) In brief, the challenge is to provide a step-by-step analytical solution to a Sudoku that has CyberJerry's Sudoku Analyzer stumped. To meet the Challenge, the Sudoku must qualify thus:
  • 1. The Sudoku has exactly one solution.
  • 2. CyberJerry's 'Analyze' button reports that the Sudoku cannot be rated, and at some point the 'Hint' button fails to provide a Hint.
  • 3. You can describe a step-by-step analytical way to solve the Sudoku. You need only do so at the point(s) where the Sudoku Analyzer fails to provide a Hint. Note that this must be deductive logic, not a trial-and-error guesswork method.

That is to say, the challenge is to find someone in SudokuLand whose brain possesses greater Sudoku skills than my Sudoku Analyzer. A tough challenge indeed, but someone has stepped forward and has met the challenge. The challenger's name is: Jerry DePyper.

Yes, that's correct. I myself have found a Sudoku for which the CyberJerry Sudoku Analyzer cannot give step-by-step hints and for which Jerry the human can provide the analytical solution. Not sure if I should feel proud or humbled that my brain can still out-think my brainchild, the CyberJerry software.

Whether for pride or humility, the task for me now is to improve the logic inside the Sudoku Analyzer, to provide a step-by-step software analytical solution to this Sudoku and perhaps others like it.

The original challenge remains to you, and any other Sudoku fanatics, to give an analytical solution to a Sudoku which has the Sudoku Analyzer stumped. You may start with the one I've found. Click on the Sudoku grid above and you will see the Sudoku in question, at the very step that has the Sudoku Analyzer stymied. Click the 'Hint' button; it fails to give a hint.

I will not publish my brain's analytical solution until I can incorporate my methodology into the Sudoku Analyzer's logic - until clicking 'Hint' at that point gives you a real deductive way to solve a cell. In the meantime, if you can give me your brain's solution to this Sudoku before I can 'teach' the Analyzer, that will also qualify as a successful challenge, and your name will be published as a successful CyberJerry Sudoku Challenger. The race is on.

8 Aug 2018 Note:
Only took me a week to 'teach' the aforementioned technique to the Sudoku Analyzer. Well, it wasn't so much that it needed to 'learn' a new technique; a little looping bug had to be corrected in its existing logic. Details upon request. The proof is that you may now click on the above Sudoku and see that, whereas the Sudoku Analyzer was formerly stumped at that step, it now gives you an analytical hint to solve one cell, and thence go on to solve the entire Sudoku.

But don't go away; there are sure to be other Sudokus that the Analyzer cannot solve. So the challenge is still on. Analytically solve a Sudoku that has my Sudoku Analyzer stumped, and you win.

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Lenore Aug 2 2018  12:56pm
i am not a successful Cyberjerry Sudoku Challenger but married to one. i love you, Lenore
Jerry Aug 4 2018  1:00pm
Have been fooling around with the blog software, especially the member controls, so am happy to see you can still leave a comment.
Jerry Aug 9 2018  4:58pm
As noted yesterday, i seem to have won the first round of the Sudoku Challenge. But as there are still some tough Sudokus that the Analyzer can't systematically solve, there's still room for another challenger or two to step forward.

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