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Massive flight away from reality
Fri July 19 2019  12:30pmFaith/Philosophy

A principal symptom of psychosis, especially of schizophrenia, is a profound disconnection from reality. The patient, for emotional or organic reasons, does not relate to his surroundings in a rational manner. He often constructs his own private reality quite different from the world in which more sane folks live.

We are in the midst of the modern Dark Ages, an epoch of human history marked by a mass departure from reality. An age in which certain psychoses become acceptable because believed in by so many, perhaps by the majority. But if everybody believes in an alternate reality, does that alternative therefore become true? I think not.

100 or even 50 years ago, it would have been very difficult to find someone who sincerely believed that abortion ought to be legal, much less sanctioned by society. Even before science confirmed it, the common humanity was beyond reasonable doubt. The human zygote-embryo-fetus is just that: human. To pretend otherwise is to depart from reality.

Certain organs of the human body are for procreation; that's a biological given, a certainty of nature. Sex is pleasurable, for sure. Sex can forge a strong bond between the two persons, an important bonus. But the primary reason for sex, its biological purpose, is for the propagation of the species. Heterosexuality and reproduction are essential rules of Nature. To pretend otherwise is to depart from reality.

These questions certainly have moral and religious dimensions. But even if one were to put aside all religious and moral considerations, they are simply rooted in reality. The humanity of the pre-born baby, the biological facts of heterosexuality and procreation, can only be denied at the expense of one's faculty of reason and connection with reality. When psychotic departure from reality becomes the accepted norm, that doesn't make it rational, merely schizophrenic on a massive scale.

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Lenore Jul 20 2019  12:56pm
the cyber world i believe adds to the world's profound disconnection from reality. all your facts are true,,Saint John Paul's Theology of the Body proclaims all this in down-to earth language. you can read it on the internet on EWTN's website and in easy language as they translated it. i read it quite a while ago and embraced every word of our culture of life pope.
Jerry Jul 23 2019  6:22pm
Is EWTN's website part of the cyber world?
Lenore Jul 25 2019  7:31pm
like Father Simon once said, this new technology should be used for evangelization and the Glory of God which EWTN does. i was relating the cyber world to the disconnection from people talking to eachother as we looked into their eyes and maybe put our hands on their shoulders---this to me is reality being with our loved ones and loving serving eachother in His
Jerry Jul 29 2019  5:04pm

Never tell a lie unless it is absolutely convenient.

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