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Sudoku Challenge (2)
Another Sudoku Bug Report and Challenge
Mon June 1 2020  12:10pmSudoku

This blog article serves as both another bug report and as a candidate for the Sudoku Challenge .

This time, the Sudoku Analyzer cannot solve the Sudoku step-by-step. It should be able to. This is a known bug, recently discovered by yours truly, and which yours truly is working on, and hope to have fixed soon.

In the meantime, if you think you can solve this Sudoku analytically (no guesswork), here's another chance to prove your superior Sudoku skills. Follow the above link to the Sudoku Analyzer, and from there to the Sudoku Challenge page to tell me how you solved it. As before, I promise to publish your success story.

5 June 2020 Note:
Have fixed the bug. It was complicated. May report more later.

rev. Jun 5 2020  9:45pm
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1 comment:

Lenore Jun 9 2020  11:18am
Good to hear you fixed the bug. Knew you could do it! one of your many talents....

- Doctor, how did my wife's operation go?
- Operation?? You mean... that wasn't an autopsy???

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