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4 Sudoku Challenges
Solve one of these four to win
Mon July 6 2020  12:39pmSudoku

Now that it's more and more difficult to find Sudoku grids that the CyberJerry Sudoku Analyzer (the 'Analyzer') can't analyze step by step, the great Sudoku Challenge is also becoming more difficult. To help out a bit, below are four Sudoku grids that the Analyzer can't analyze step by step. You just have to figure out how to solve one of these analytically (no guesswork) to qualify as a successful Sudoku Challenger. Click on any of the grids to bring it up in the Analyzer. Both it and you should be able to solve several cells. But at some point, the Analyzer gets stuck and can't give a hint. Can your brain keep analyzing beyond that point, and solve the puzzle? If so, click on the corresponding 'Answer Challenge' link and tell me how you did it. As before, I promise to publish your success.

With my brain, I know how to analyze and solve one of the grids below; am not telling which one.(Note 1) But programming the Analyzer to do it would be a bear, and am very unlikely to tackle that job in the near future. Even less likely for the other three, which my brain can't (yet) figure out. So you have lots of time to meet this challenge. Good luck!


Note 1 (17 July 2020):  It was the third one that i could solve with my brain but thought too difficult to program the Analyzer to solve. Surprisingly, after correcting a minor bug, the Analyzer now solves it, in a way that my brain hadn't anticipated. Looks like my brainchild is smarter than my brain. So, anyway, the third one above is now a different Sudoku, one that, like the other three, neither my brain nor the Analyzer can analyze step-by-step.

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