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Solar Panel
Harvesting the sun for my house
Sat January 30 2021  11:43amMisc.

solar panel

Have recently purchased and installed a solar panel with its various components. Not motivated primarily by ecological nor economic concerns. The grid for large areas of Nicaragua gets its power from a well engineered and environmentally friendly hydroelectric dam just north of Jinotega. My monthly light bill is typically between $U10 and 15 for around 80 to 100 kilowatt hours of energy consumption. But Disnorte is poorly administered and unreliable. Besides, I like the idea of being a bit more independent. Call it a learning experience, if nothing else, and a possible hedge against future needs.

batteries, inverter, etc.

This initial modest experiment isn't intended to make me energy independent. As a beginning, only one of the house's three circuits are solar powered: the most critical circuit containing both refrigerator and computer. The entire system consists of a 300 watt solar panel mounted in an open area on the roof, three 12 volt batteries for night time and other standby power, a 1200 watt inverter to convert the solar and battery DC current into 120 volt 60 Hz AC house current, a controller and cables to connect all these, all located indoors in a spare room, and a double throw knife switch (in a different room, not pictured) to switch the circuit back and forth between solar and Disnorte, if needed.

Speaking of learning experience, I've already learned that the inverter's internal circuitry is particularly sensitive to short circuits and reverse polarity (blush!) Am also still learning how the panel, controller, and inverter interact, and hope to perhaps take better advantage of the panel's full capacity. To that end, am supposing that the panel is most efficient when facing the sun more or less directly. The panel as pictured is mounted at an angle of 24.5° to the south of horizontal. For late January in Nicaragua, this is not too far from ideal, but that angle ought to vary from time to time for greater efficiency. You might be interested in a javascript routine that I wrote to help in this regard.

Perhaps more articles to report on any progess or regress.

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Lenore Feb 1 2021  3:58pm
very impressed but don't think i would ever use your calculations for myself. panel and "hotel CA." misc. look very impressive; especially the colors. i love you. Lenore
Jerry Feb 1 2021  7:55pm
Don't understand 'hotel CA'. You don't have to calculate anything. Just navigate to the JavaScript page and type your latitude in the input box (Your latitude is about 46.7 north)

There are no absolutes. Absolutely none.

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