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Inhuman Humanism
The degrading sterility of humanistic religion
Mon November 15 2021  5:35pmFaith/Philosophy

Did Pope Francis really tell Joe Biden that he (Biden) was a 'good Catholic' and should continue to receive Communion? Or is Biden lying, and Bergoglio merely enabling the lie by his failure to correct? Either way, it's just one more example of a 'Catholic' pastor putting humanistic friendliness ahead of sacred Truth.


Vatican II promised to put a friendlier, more human face upon our divine, changeless religion. Thus the priest faces the people, people exchange a kiss of peace, and the liturgical prayers are altered to emphasize the Christian community more than God's majestic sovereignty. Supposedly, no doctrinal changes were mandated, but through the decades, the humanistic tone has resulted in a change of belief: In effect, the moderns offer us a new religion whose doctrinal and moral teachings slowly morph to conform more and more to the irreligious norms of the world. The divine is eclipsed by the human, eternal salvation by temporal welfare. So much so that pastors elect to close their churches and thus deny the Eucharist to their sheep.

That's bad enough; in fact, it's damnable. But the humanists haven't even given us a friendlier, more human religion, have they? Is it more human to fearfully distance oneself from one's neighbor? Is it more friendly to be afraid to touch one another? More human to hide your face behind a mask? Obviously, we do not have a friendlier religion than before, but one that is less human as well as less divine.

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Jerry Nov 19 2021  8:23am
Re. the 1st paragraph above: Am aware of the Vatican's response that the conversation with Biden was private and therefore no public clarification will be issued. But both Pope and President are public officials, and Biden's public support for both abortion and sodomy is universally known. Moreover, Biden in effect made the entire conversation public by his public claim of papal approval. Failure to correct Biden's claim amounts to public admission of friendly agreement.

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