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Successful Challenger
The first successful Sudoku Challenge respondent
Sun August 23 2020  10:09amSudoku

A few days ago, an astute visitor* to the CyberJerry Sudoku page successfully responded to the Sudoku Challenge, the first CyberJerry visitor to do so. He found the Sudoku grid pictured which the Analyzer couldn't solve, and told me (in Spanish) how to solve it:

este sudoku lo saque de la pagina de categoria sudoku extremo #717, y su analizar dice que no tiene una solución, sin embargo por metodo analitico encuentro que F6 = 4 debido al 4 de E3 y el 4 de G5, tambien encuentro que I9 = 5 debido al 5 de D8 y al 5 de H4, al colocar estos dos números, ahora si dice que tiene solución única lo anterior esta pasando por que su analizador no está realizando el método más sencillo que es de eliminación directa o único número de la caja, mira la celda I1 = 8 se obtiene por ese método
translated to English:
this sudoku is taken from webpage category extreme sudoku #717, and your analyzer says it has no solution, however by an analytic method I find that F6 = 4 due to the 4 in E3 and the 4 in G5, also I find that I9 = 5 due to the 5 in D8 and the 5 in H4, upon placing these two numbers, now it says that it has one unique solution the above is happening because your analyzer isn't executing the simplest method which is direct elimination or the cell's only number, see how cell I1 = 8 is obtained by this method

*The Challenger is:

Manuel Navarro De La Hoz
birthplace: Galapa del departamento de Atlántico, país Colombia
his YouTube channel: Mr cocogames

I have reviewed the Sudoku in question and have confirmed that my Analyzer does indeed fail to solve it, and that Señor Navarro has described a correct method for solving it. As promised, I am hereby acknowledging the success and superior Sudoku skills of Sr Navarro, and am also working at correcting the problem in the Analyzer.

Congratulations and thanks to Sr Navarro!

rev. Aug 29 2020  8:31am
How a pilgrim Church might emerge
Wed August 5 2020  5:09pmFaith/Philosophy

It would be unreasonable and unjust to expect priests and bishops in 2020 to forsake their lifestyle and social status and become poor homeless pilgrims. Likewise, the vast majority of Catholic homes of today are incapable of becoming true domestic churches, with the husband assuming the role of pastor and priest. This will take time, probably several generations. But there are a few who could begin, and here's one way it could possibly play out:

Ordinariate: A body within the Church similar to a diocese with its own bishop or other head (its ordinary). It is in complete doctrinal union with Roman Catholicism but with its own internal norms and by-laws. The best known examples today are three Anglican ordinariates which have fully re-united with Rome while retaining their Anglican liturgy and married clergy.

A single bishop somewhere might request permission to form an ordinariate (see box). Or a priest could request to do so, and then request ordination as bishop, so as to be able to ordain men to the priesthood. The by-laws of this ordinariate that distinguish it from current mainstream Catholicism:

  • Married men within the ordinariate can be ordained priests, with careful vetting but without extensive formal education.
  • No priest in the ordinariate may accept remuneration for his priestly work.
  • No bishop or unmarried priest in the ordinariate may own property.
  • All adult members of this ordinariate must promise fidelity to defined Catholic teaching, especially ancient (e.g. Nicene) doctrines.

A couple clarifications: The married priest must be the husband of one wife, as the Scripture mandates. That is, no divorced or re-married clergy. The married priest doesn't earn money through his priestly ministry, but may own property and earns a living for his family through regular work or business.

This is a deliberate and radical return to ancient doctrine (orthodoxy) and practice (orthopraxy). Specifically, the ancient practice of married clergy (1 Tim.3:2, Tit.1:6), home churches (1 Cor.16:19, Col.4:15), and poor itinerant apostles (Lk.9:1-6, Mt.10:5ff, Acts) who work without pay (Mt.10:8,9). Well, concerning evangelical poverty and unswerving fidelity to Truth, there are too many biblical passages to which to refer.

It also represents a return to the ancient attitude of being alienated from the world. Literally alienated, not just figuratively. (Again, way too many Scriptures to quote here.) For this reason, and the pure devotion this would require, I would expect the numbers to be very small at first, but as more and more honest people see how authentic Catholicism can be lived in this changing world, they will join the ordinariate whose numbers will then swell. Eventually, whole dioceses might convert, and the ordinariate become the worldwide Catholic standard.

I suppose religious orders could continue to live as they do now, owning their own lands and buildings. Religious orders might also be the ones to own and operate any seminaries that might be needed for those desiring to be itinerant bishops. Important to recognize, however, that all connections with worldly wealth and power are very risky.

OK, what name should we give this experiment? "Ordinariate of Amateurs" ? "Domestic Ordinariate" ? Or just "Jerry's harebrained fantasy" ?

Amateur Priests
Dream of a Church without property
Thu July 30 2020  7:53pmFaith/Philosophy

There are Christian communities that have no denominational name, no church buildings, none of the usual ecclesial trappings. Their weekly home meetings are punctuated at intervals by pastoral visits from an elder or 'bishop'. The elder has a clearly defined territory within which he moves in circuit-rider fashion, preaching, teaching, counseling, and accepting such food and lodging as are offered him. He has no home of his own, and so is unmarried. He is allowed to own only what clothes, books and personal items he can carry in a single large suitcase.

Why shouldn't the Catholic norm be similar? The local group is the family; the husband and father being also an ordained Catholic (read article)

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Doctrines, Canons, Buildings
Radical thoughts about Church property
Thu July 23 2020  4:26pmFaith/Philosophy

Full-tilt panic over covid-19 has reached Nicaragua, following months of ministerial hand-wringing. To my knowledge, no outright church closings here, but that may be mostly because Ortega has not provided the desired cover of government mandates. Daily Masses discontinued at my parish. The main door barred and locked even during the single Sunday Mass; die-hard parishioners must enter and exit through the small side chapel and through quasi-barriers of shoe and hand disinfectants. Those who come forward for Communion must submit to a second alcohol hand cleansing, with Communion on the tongue disallowed. (Of course, some die-hards still bring their dogs to Mass, without face masks; am (read article)

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4 Sudoku Challenges
Solve one of these four to win
Mon July 6 2020  12:39pmSudoku

Now that it's more and more difficult to find Sudoku grids that the CyberJerry Sudoku Analyzer (the 'Analyzer') can't analyze step by step, the great Sudoku Challenge is also becoming more difficult. To help out a bit, below are four Sudoku grids that the Analyzer can't analyze step by step. You just have to figure out how to solve one of these analytically (no guesswork) to qualify as a successful Sudoku Challenger. Click on any of the grids to bring it up in the Analyzer. Both it and you should be able to solve several cells. But at some point, the Analyzer gets stuck and can't give a hint. Can your brain keep analyzing beyond that point, and solve the puzzle? If so, click on the (read article)

rev. Jul 17 2020  7:49pm
Unavoidable Rectangle
When the Unique Rectangle technique is unavoidable
Fri June 19 2020  9:24pmSudoku

A recent round of minor enhancements and corrections has made the CyberJerry Sudoku Analyzer capable of analyzing increasingly tough Sudokus. Two results: the "New Puzzle" control now offers a "Genius" level, and the "Hint" feature may offer extremely complex hints, containing many interdependent sub-steps of a variety of advanced strategies. The added focus on complex Sudokus has had another unforeseen result: the possibility of encountering what I call the "Unavoidable Avoidable Rectangle". (Not being able to find any mention of the phenomenon in any other website, I claim the right to assign this name to it.) Let me explain: (read article)

rev. Jun 25 2020  7:40pm
Sudoku Challenge (2)
Another Sudoku Bug Report and Challenge
Mon June 1 2020  12:10pmSudoku

This blog article serves as both another bug report and as a candidate for the Sudoku Challenge .

This time, the Sudoku Analyzer cannot solve the Sudoku step-by-step. It should be able to. This is a known bug, recently discovered by yours truly, and which yours truly is working on, and hope to have fixed soon.

In the meantime, if you think you can solve this Sudoku analytically (no guesswork), (read article)

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rev. Jun 5 2020  9:45pm
We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men
- George Orwell

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