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Books by Jerry DePyper
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Hickies is a work of fiction, set in the near future. But it is more of a Psychological / Philosophical work than true Science Fiction. Probably it is very amateurish (in keeping with Jerry's status as 'Jack of many trades, master of none'), but that is up to the individual reader and/or reviewer to decide.

Pro-life Strike Manifesto
As noted below in "About the Author", Jerry is Pro-Life in a radical way. In early 2009, he launched a "Pro Life Strike" web site as a call to resist the tyranny of tax-funded abortion by means of a tax strike. The Pro-Life Strike Manifesto booklet, virtually identical to the manifesto page of that now defunct site, is the full explanation of the rationale and strategies for such a strike.

162 Sudokus (English)
Although Jerry has been known to foist unsolvable puzzles on unsuspecting folks, such is not the case with his masterpiece work 162 Sudokus. Each puzzle in this book is guaranteed to be solvable via step-by-step deductive logic. In fact, a separate section details each step for all 162 puzzles. This book can unleash your native Sudoku-solving skills, since it also includes a how-to section explaining a foolproof technique for solving any solvable Sudoku. But be warned: you will have to use your noggin to master this technique, and will especially have to use your grey matter to apply this technique to the 162 puzzles. Start with puzzle #1, the easiest, and work your way up to number 162. By the time you finish this book, you will be ready to tackle any Sudoku you may encounter elsewhere.

162 Sudokus (español)
Cada rompecabezas en 162 Sudokus se garantiza que sea solucionable a través de la lógica paso a paso deductivo. De hecho, una sección detalla por separado cada paso por los 162 puzzles. Este libro puede dar rienda suelta a sus nativos Sudoku habilidades de resolución, ya que también incluye una sección de how-to que explica una técnica infalible para resolver cualquier sudoku rompecabezas. Pero tenga cuidado: usted tendrá que usar su cerebro para dominar esta técnica, y sobre todo se tiene que usar su materia gris para aplicar esta técnica a los 162 puzzles. Comenzar con rompecabezas #1, el más fácil, y su forma de trabajo hasta el número 162. En el momento de terminar este libro, usted estará listo para hacer frente a cualquier Sudoku puede encontrar en otros lugares.
About the Author

Born Dec. 27, 1950 the fifth child of a farm family in southwestern Minnesota, Jerry DePyper grew up and spent most of his life in the upper midwest of the United States. In his youth he tasted life inside a religious community, in a seminary, and on the road as a vagabond. Mostly, however, Jerry has been a working man, earning his living through a number of trades, including that of mechanical draftsman, roofing contractor, social worker, computer programmer, house remodeler, and organic vegetable gardener. He married Lenore in 1984, divorced in 1999 (no children), and maintains a close friendship with her, although many miles apart.

He is known by his friends and family as a bit of an oddball, one significant reason being his unusual stance on tax resistance. To Jerry, it is a simple if difficult equation: U.S. taxes pay for elective abortions, embryonic stem cell research, funding for Planned Parenthood, and related moral deal-breakers. Therefore, as a matter of conscience and in emulation of anti-war tax resisters, pro-lifers ought not to voluntarily cooperate in such tax tyranny. Jerry first tried to follow this principle in H.D. Thoreau fashion, and lived for 11+ years below the tax radar, growing his own food, chopping his own wood for fuel, etc. Seeking like-minded folks, he launched a pro-life tax strike web site which met with very little response. Subsequently, he decided to flee the country and has been living in Nicaragua ever since, where he has begun trying his hand at writing and website development, and trying also to learn Spanish.

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