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To avoid floating point innaccuracies, this calculator employs integer math. It also serves as an example of an Ajax client-server process, which could be used for interactive pages on your web site.
Ajax / cgi-bin

What is Ajax? Briefly, it a process by which the browser can request specific information from the server at any time after the web page has been loaded. You can see, for example, how this page can accept input and calculate a response without reloading or recreating a new page. The BigCalc calculator is also a good example of using an efficient cgi-bin binary process to perform a server-side task that would otherwise take too long. This binary logic performs its computation on the fast server, then sends a very small packet of information back to your computer, resulting in a quick response even with a slow internet connection.

What this means for your website is that you may employ an Ajax process to send data back and forth between the server and the visitor's browser, in dialogue fashion. A cgi-bin binary may be used to speed up a process that may be causing long delays and poor response times. Use both of these techniques with care, and only if there is a real need.

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General Information

This calculator mimics certain HP calculators in its use of a number stack and Reverse Polish Notation (RPN). For ordinary arithmetic, key a number into the main register ('x'), then [Enter] (which pushes 'x' to 'y'), then another number, then the arithmetic operation (e.g.'y+x').

More importantly, it kinda mimics Cobol as well, in that all computations are done by first converting fractional numbers to integers. Decimal rounding errors may creep into some complex calculations and number base conversions, but no pennies are lost through the limitations of floating point abscissa-mantissa approximations. Integer math and lots of digits generally mean pretty good accuracy. A server-based binary performs the calculations, which is why Ajax is employed.

If you have questions or comments, or if you want to integrate some of this stuff into your own web page, please feel free to contact me as noted herein.

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