The central highlands of Nicaragua offer affordable properties with lovely mountain vistas and a surprisingly mild climate.

Island For Sale - G201  Nisperito Island
Lake Nicaragua (near Granada)
Price$U 40,000 
$C 1.300.000 
Area20m x 20m
PlusRetaining wall

View of Volcano Mombacho
Nisperito Island is a small island about 15 km from the city of Granada in Lake Nicaragua, about 30 minutes by boat. It is just north of the large island "La Guanábana" and surrounded by many other islands in an ecological reserve, with very clean lake water. You can observe many tropical birds, monkeys, and fruit trees, plus a nice view of the famous Mombacho Volcano, which is also about 15 km away.

The neighborhood is quiet and safe, with mostly native Nicaraguan neighbors, and also a sprinkling of folks from France, Italy, and the United States. Enjoy enchanting nights with the full moon over the water turning everything to silver, as in a Harry Potter movie.

The current owner bought the island about 18 years ago from a retired boat captain who had the island as a family heritage. The old captain still lives in nearby Granada. The current owner is an English teacher in Jinotega. He would like to keep the island but his situation and finances are his motives to sell it soon.

from south

in rainy season

boat dock

from west

from west, farther

from south

from south, close

neighboring island

If interested in this property, please call +(505) 7622 5417, or send an email to and mention "G201" in your message.

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