The central highlands of Nicaragua offer affordable properties with lovely mountain vistas and a surprisingly mild climate.

House For Sale - J100  Casa Verde
Barrio: Llano de la Tejera (Jinotega)
Price$U 60,000 
$C 2.160.000 
1200 Ft2
160 V2
Elec.Yes - 220V

House, from road
This older house features steel reinforced concrete walls, concrete floors throughout with ceramic tiles in most rooms, and the typical Nicaraguan galvanized steel roof.

It has seven main rooms including a full bathroom and kitchen, plus a separate but attached traditional wood burning kitchen complete with wood-fired oven, and roofed front patio facing the street.

The fenced yard contains 4 mango trees yielding an abundance of sweet fruit in season, a nice array of flowering and decorative shrubs and trees including a large palm tree and poinsettia, and three productive coffee bushes.

View from the side yard
In the side yard is a private water tower serving the house plumbing with clean, potable, municipal water. Behind the property is a large wooded area. The mountain view from the patio and yard is very nice.

The location is a barrio (neighborhood) just south of Jinotega, with a Catholic church and public school within 100 meters of the house. The street is newly paved, the main road to town is about 200 meters away, and the intra-city bus passes right in front of the house several times a day on its route into central Jinotega. It is a short drive, a half-hour walk or 15-minute bike ride into the downtown area.

I have lived here for about 12 years, during which time I've upgraded the entire electrical system as well as other minor renovations. At this point, I have some personal and family motives to sell, and am more than willing to give showings and entertain offers at your convenience. I should add that, while still low, real estate prices here have been rising dramatically, and will probably continue to do so. If you want to bid on a Nicaraguan property, now is the time to do so.

Front door


Side door

Back view

Water tower

Dining room

Living room

Photo gallery

If interested in this property, please call +(505) 8431 2332 (Claro) / +(505) 7647 0769 (Tigo), or send an email to and mention "J100" in your message.

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