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Enjoy this interactive Sudoku Analyzer. You may also request Jerry's personal analysis of any particular Sudoku puzzle, and/or accept the Sudoku Challenge.
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You know the simple Sudoku rules: Each row, column, and 3x3 square must contain the digits 1 through 9, in any order. This web page can be used to solve a Sudoku puzzle, to create a puzzle, and perhaps to learn a little about Sudoku, and improve one's Sudoku solving skills.

To solve a computer-generated Sudoku puzzle: Click "New Puzzle", then enter numbers into the blank cells to solve. Note that you can ask for help along the way, and that you can change the virtual pencilled (erasable) entries to ink (indelible, sort of) as you progress.

To create your own Sudoku puzzle: Just start entering numbers, and periodically click "Analyze" to see if you have a solvable puzzle (exactly one possible solution). Click "All->Granite" at that point, and then begin to solve your new puzzle.

Notice the '?' help buttons to explain each Control Panel function.

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