Sudoku Challenge
  2 68  57 
5 6  9  842
 8  25    1
 5       2 
29   38    
725   9  86
149 86  2 7
368  72 4  

Employ this page to send a private message to CyberJerry pertaining to the Sudoku puzzle pictured here. (If your message doesn't pertain to the pictured grid, please mention that in your message.)

Name (optional):


If you include an email address, Jerry will try to reply within a few days.

To take the Sudoku Challenge means that you believe you can analyze and deductively solve a Sudoku puzzle that CyberJerry's Sudoku Analyzer cannot. To make that claim, you must be able to honestly check the following three boxes:

 The Sudoku pictured has exactly one solution
 CyberJerry's 'Analyze' button reports that the Sudoku cannot be rated, and at some point the 'Hint' button fails to provide a Hint
 The free-form text area below describes in an analytical way (NO GUESSWORK) how to analyze the Sudoku where CyberJerry fails:
You may alternatively use other methods to contact Jerry and describe the analytical steps you use. In such a case, please say so in the text area above.